Children's Singer & Songwriter

Auteure-compositrice & chanteuse pour enfants


About Severine

Severine is a French children’s Singer & Songwriter. Classically trained as a musician, she sings in French, English and Dutch. She has been performing since 2016 but has always been composing what she calls "little songs" for children. 

Severine est une auteure-compositrice et chanteuse pour enfants. Elle chante en français, sa langue maternelle, mais aussi en anglais et en néerlandais. Elle se produit depuis 2016 et rencontre à chaque fois un public très enthousiaste et chaleureux. 


At the Park / Au parc


Au parc


Aller au parc tous les jours peut être ennuyeux pour un petit garçon.

Mais avec un peu d'imagination, la magie opère à coup sûr!

Au parc est un livre-CD (CD inclus).

Texte et musique: Séverine Marquilly

Illustrations: Amber Weinzimer

CD 8 pistes dont 3 chansons

At the Park


A boy's daily trip to the park can get boring...

unless imagination strikes and the magic happens!

At the Park is an audio book (CD included)

Story and songs by Severine Marquilly

Illustrations by Amber Weinzimer

CD 8 tracks including 3 songs



"Severine is a multi-talented lady who has combined her passion for music and her experience as a teacher. As a result Severine has written a lovely book with wonderful songs for children: At the Park. I have bought several copies of At the Park and would strongly recommend this children song book with beautiful drawings!"


"How fortunate we have been to see Severine perform live! As part of the audience, we were surrounded by the smiling faces, tapping feet and jiggling hips of little kids, big kids and those who are really still kids at heart. Severine's concerts bring joy, laughter and a little dose of intrigue to everyone. Her songs are rhythmic and fun, but most beautiful of all are the stories that they tell. She has captured this for everyone in her fantastic debut audio-book, At The Park. My three kids, aged 12, 8 and 1 all love listening to Severine’s songs, and I love hearing them echo out from all corners of the house for days after they’ve listened to them."


"We were fortunate to cross paths with this musical genius when we lived in Brunei a few years ago. Holland is lucky to have inherited her."